About us

Laser Engraving & Handmade Gifts specialises in handmade Australian timber products and custom laser engraving.

Choose from our range of beautiful handmade Pen Gift Sets personalising your gift with laser engraving. Our Gift Sets are of the highest quality making perfect gifts for VIP’s, corporate clients, colleagues, family and friends for any occasion.

Our most popular Corporate Gift Sets are the:

• ’30 Calibre Bolt Action Bullet’ Pen finished in 24ct Gold and Rose Gold;

• ‘Steampunk Bolt Action Pen’ finished in Antique Copper & Antique Brass; and

• ‘Nautical’ Pen finished in Antique Copper.

The timber used is a beautiful Australian wood called ‘Red Mallee Burl’ featuring unique grains and colours. Each wood turned creation is different and rare, no two are alike due to the limited stock of particular woods and various differing grain patterns that run through each wood segment.

Contact sales@customengrave.com.au or richard@customengrave.com.au or, call 0425 809 170 speak to Richard.